I have spoken to historical fiction authors to pick their brains about writing. Several of the authors have allowed me to post their answers here.. Once a week I will post another guest author. Please consider supporting these people the best way you can, by reading their works. My first guest is Teresa McRae, author of the Garrison Series.

​1. Tell me a little about yourself, Teresa. Where do you live, education, family. Whatever you would like.

I live in St. Louis, Missouri with my husband Chris and my dogs, Rocky and Max. I graduated from the University of North Carolina many years ago with a degree in Political Science. 

2. What induced you to start writing?

I have always written to some degree, starting with poetry as a child. I also did some songwriting with my husband, who is a musician. I had started a few novels, but it wasn’t till I retired that I completed my first book. 

3. Who is your favorite writer? Why?

I have quite a few authors I like. It’s difficult to choose a favorite.

4. What attracted you to your special genre?

Years of enjoyment reading Historical Fiction. Also, the belief that I had something to say on the subject of African Americans in the 19th and early 20th Century. My books cover the years 1850 to 1920. 

5. Who is the favorite character of all whom you have created? Why?

My protagonist in Book 1,Mamie Garrison. Much of her personality, her tenacity and courage,  was based on my daughter, Christina.

6. Would you take a minute to explain how you develop your stories?

I spend a large part of my time on research. Sometimes, a small scene may require days of research. I start with a general outline, and continue to tighten it as I write. I like to mull over my storyline till it plays almost like a movie in my mind. Often, this takes a while, thus the reason my books take so long to write. 

7. To end this interview, what piece of information, upcoming project, advice or request would you like to share with this audience?

Believe in what you have to say. Write what touches your heart. 
My third book in the Garrison Series, should be available in a few months, I hope. If you wish to contact me, I can be reached on FB: Teresa McRae-Author

Teresa McRae-Author
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