There are just some days when you can’t get a measly 2000 words done! I don’t mean the days when you also have to go to work, grocery shopping, cook dinner, etc. I mean a day when you plan to write but everything goes wrong.

Take today. It is Sunday. I get to dedicate the day to writing my WIP and a blog, or two. And make dinner. No problem, right? The house is quiet and I get about two hours in the middle of the day when it is positively dead. Perfect for writing. The phone rings. It is a friend who I helped publish a book. I work on helping him with his question. Sigh of relief. I type one paragraph of the scene I am working on.

The phone rings. It wakes up the dog. He comes and sits next to me. At 75 pounds, that can displace me off center of my seat. This time it is my son with a question. We have a business together. It is important to share concerns. That was easy. Back to the WIP. Another paragraph. But I am losing track of what I wanted to write. Reread the chapter.

The phone rings. It’s my mother. She has questions. She is bored with this quarantine/stay at home rule. I answer her questions and turn my attention to the computer.

But, then, the dog, Hansel, wants entertainment today. I let him out on the lead. He gets onto the deck. I have just enough time to get to my desk, 15 feet from the deck, when he is pawing the door. “In, Mommy, in!” He doesn’t want to be outdoors. So, I let him in then go back to my desk. He paws at my leg. “Pay attention to meeeee!” I get up, go to the pantry, get him a dog biscuit, which he takes care of before I have the box put away. Then I go sit down, again.

He circles my husband’s chair as he naps, very soundly, I should add. No, I tell him. Do not wake up Daddy. So, he comes back to me. “Pay attention to meeee!” Well, maybe he would be happy going outside without the lead. We live in the woods, with very few neighbors. He can run and stretch his long legs if he doesn’t have on the lead. So, I open the door and offer him to go outside. “Oh, no. You aren’t going to make me go outside!” So, I shut the door and go back to my computer.

The phone rings. It’s my mother. She has some questions. They are the same ones as the last time.

I look at my WIP, a novella of 25,000 words. It is at 19,400. Have to start wrapping up this story. The dog is very insistent that he wants attention. I want to finish this story!

Oh, forgot about dinner! I go down to the basement to get some chicken out of the big freezer. Hansel follows me down. Maybe he can find something fun in the basement. No, I just needed the chicken. He follows me back up. I put the chicken to thaw and go back to the computer. “No, Mommy! I want fun!” Take a deep breath. He followed me to the basement. Maybe he will follow me to the front door. He does. I open the door and he dashes out. I follow him out. And he growls. “This is my playground! You aren’t allowed here!” He runs around the cars in the driveway, happy as a clam.

Back to the computer. Maybe I can get a few words written before it is time to make dinner. Assuming I don’t get any more phone calls!